Monday, December 27, 2010


Last October a beloved friend of mine mentioned that I should start a dating blog...
And as inconsistent as I feel I have been about writing in it, I did indeed. What I learned is that as awkward, boring, fun, or shocking some of my dates were, I would not take any back. There were also some that I was unable to write about because if friendship boundaries that I wasn't willing to cross. You really do learn as you live.
Dating is a semi painful, semi fun way to learn about yourself. You start to realize things, many of which are things you have probably heard before. You have to answer questions about yourself. You see how you react in tense and uncomfortable situations. You see what you want or don't want in a person, and later in a relationship in general.

In January I will be starting a new blog. I haven't decided if I will occasionally write in this one, or completely lay it to rest. Only time will tell for that. Thank you to everyone has read my little reflections on my experiences. I really am flattered and humbled that something I truly enjoy doing is also enjoyed by those who read it.

Socrates nailed it when he said "Know thyself." Know what you want, know what you believe, know who you are. Its okay for someone to be not sure at times, but it is definitely not okay to be complacent about it. So be proactive! We only have one life to live...